Connect your students with STEM!

I’m a Mathematician, Get me out of here connects school students with working mathematicians.

It’s a flexible online activity running throughout the year.

Everyone can take part from home or school.

Students can:

  • Read profiles of mathematicians in different careers
  • Chat with mathematicians, in real time
  • Ask them questions
  • Vote for their favourite mathematician to win £500

It all happens online. It’s safe and secure. It’s free for UK state maintained schools.

It takes 2 minutes to join the activity that suits you.
Take part now ❯

Upcoming activities

You can join at any time during an activity. You don’t have to be available for the whole thing.


  • I’m a Scientist Orange Zone (general science theme)


  • I’m a Scientist Planet Earth Zone (environment and sustainability theme)


  • I’m a Scientist Purple Zone (general science theme)


  • I’m a Scientist Pink Zone (general science theme)
  • I’m an Engineer Silver Zone (general engineering theme)

What teachers say:

“Incredibly easy to set up and run”
“My students loved their involvement and I was amazed at some of the questions they asked”

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