Teachers, get your students to take part

I’m a Mathematician, Get me out of here! is an online STEM enrichment activity where students connect with people who have maths at the heart of their work.

It’s based on the successful, award-winning I’m a Scientist, Get me out of here project.

In the activity, students:

    • ASK their own questions to mathematicians about everything and anything.
    • have conversations with mathematicians during a 30-minute, text-based live CHAT.

Why take part?

I’m a Mathematician aims to improve motivation to learn, enabling students to see how the maths taught in the classroom is relevant to them and how it is applied in the real-world. We hope to broaden aspirations, break down stereotypes and enthuse students about mathematics.

Through taking part, students will..

  • Get exposure to a range of careers – students will encounter professionals representing a variety of backgrounds and industries, helping them to see the use and application of mathematics in jobs outside that of a ‘mathematician’.
  • See mathematicians as normal people – Discussions with are not limited to mathematics. Through live CHATs students often find common ground and shared interests with the experts, helping to dispel stereotypes that students may have about maths.
  • Apply classroom learning to real life – Each professional has a profile on the website, explaining more about themselves and outlining which areas of classroom maths they use in their jobs. This helps students to see how the maths taught in the classroom is applied in the real-world.
  • Have an equal voice – Each student has the opportunity to add their own questions in ASK and CHAT, encouraging curiosity and independent thinking. The site is a positive environment where all contributions are welcomed and all voices heard.
  • Increase enthusiasm for mathematics – Students who have participated in our projects are often more motivated to learn afterwards, having developed a greater understanding of how what they’re learning in the classroom is relevant to their everyday life and
    potential career choices.

How do I apply?

Fill in the registration form on this page and we’ll email you before the start of the next activity to ask if you want to take part with your students (on mobile? Scroll down).

How much time will it take?

We provide all the resources and materials needed, whether you’re running I’m a Mathematician with just one class or a whole year group; including suggested lesson plans and modifications to suit different students’ abilities.

We recommend spending at least 2 hours on the event. This will usually be one introductory lesson, one piece of homework (we suggest reading mathematicians’ profiles and posting questions in ASK) and one lesson of live chat with the scientists.

How much does it cost?

Each event we work with a range of organisations to offer fully-funded places to UK state-maintained schools and colleges.

If we receive more applications than we have places available, we have to prioritise applications.

Need more information?

Check out our full FAQs for teachers or get in touch directly: email antony@mangorol.la or call 01225 326 892.