The 2019 ​I’m a MathematicianCHRISTMAS LECTURES Zone was commissioned by The Royal Institution with support from Lloyd’s Register Foundation, UK Research and Innovation, KPMG, and Schlumberger.

The online event gave school students, the viewing public, and the LECTURES attendees the opportunity to continue the conversation about the Royal Institution’s CHRISTMAS LECTURES series,“Secrets and lies: The hidden power of maths”​, as well as the surrounding mathematical, scientific, societal, and ethical themes.

This Zone Report contains key activity data from the Zone. We learnt:

  • 81% of teachers used the activity in a Maths class. The project reached new teachers, students, and subjects.
  • activity levels have increased compared with previous CHRISTMAS LECTURES Zones.
  • discussions in the Zone were on topic. Students asked about Maths and the real world.
  • teacher feedback shows the activity broadening students’ perceptions of maths and mathematicians.

Read the full report [PDF]

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